We are getting really eager to dive into Family Volunteering activities and start to explore how this new concept can be adapted in each of our communities. Even if the pandemic has interfered with our initial plans of starting the project with our pilot activities, we have not been standing still. While working intensively on the first 3 resources we are creating in the project (a feasibility kit, an introductory manual and a step-by-step guidebook), we also did a piece of research during May-July, and we have some interesting and positive results to share.

With the results in hand, the 6 project partners have decided to “come out of the closet”, so to speak, and start speaking about Family Volunteering – what it is and why we should consider it.

So over the course of the next 2 months, we have planned 6 informative webinars, where each of us plan to talk to VIOs – volunteer involving organizations and volunteer coordinators, adult educators and facilitators interested to explore the concept in more detail.

The webinars will take place as follows:

November 5th – facilitated by Pro Vobis (language: Romanian) – details here:

November 9th – facilitated by Volunteer Ireland (language: English) – details here: https://www.volunteer.ie/about-us/familyvolunteering/

November 12th – facilitated by Croatian Volunteer Development Center (language: Croatian) – details here:

December 8th – facilitated by Volunteer Center Augsburg (language: German) – details here:

December (TBA) – facilitated by CEV – Center for European Volunteering (language: English or French) – details here:

December (TBA) – facilitated by Vestre Aker Volunteer Center (language: Norwegian) – details here:

If you speak these languages and are keen on the subject, join your webinar to find out more!

If not, make sure to follow the website for details on the Family Volunteering concept, as we are approaching it, but also studies and resources already developed in the field. In 2021 – we will come with insights and lessons from the 18 pilot activities the partners will be implementing, as well as testimonials and the project results – the 5 intellectual outputs we have set out to develop. So keep close to us and do not hesitate to contact any of the partners if Family Volunteering becomes appealing to you!

Article written by Corina Pintea, Pro Vobis

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